The Thing About king Cobra : a drug addiction paragraph to propagate drug addiction awareness

The desire to do drugs is absolutely fabulous but the method you are using is absolutely stupid. A drug addiction awareness insight with king cobra Source: The Thing About king Cobra : a drug addiction paragraph to propagate drug addiction awareness


The force wants you to build your own PC, now even if you want to, you cannot stop yourself from building your own custom PC Well my friend if you have any kind of doubt as to how, what, why,when,where and which related to building a custom PC believe me we all have them

The Thing About Yog …

Questioning, Yes, This is what this post is going to be all about. Through this blog post I want you to tighten your seat belts because in this post I am going to make you realize to the best of my abilities how incredibly beautiful this word “Question” is. Let’s get started. Let’s start things with... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Love…

Stop Just Stop …. I know what you are thinking. As soon as you see this guy’s image and as soon as you read the word love, I know precisely how the beautiful brain of yours is syncing things up, and I also know what person is popping inside your head. In my personal opinion... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Scope …

. You do remember Jack Sparrow's dialo .....  Captain Jack Sparrow's dialogue, Jeez its like he's sitting inside my head, "Not all treasure is silver and gold mate". I bet as soon as this sentence was spoken from the witty Jack, there was a little kick inside your head that sounded like "Dayyum Bruh ...... Continue Reading →

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